''The Pet Game'' is a fun game to play on a rainy day with 3-10 players.

How To Play: Edit

Pick one person to be the owner. (The owner is the leader of the game) Then, the rest of the players will pick any animal that they will want to be (Dog, Cat, Bunny, Sheep, etc.) Then they will all pick the name that they want to have. (Jake, Snowflake, Daisy, etc.) The owner will be the players regular name, so if the persons name was "Jake", the owner would the be named Owner Jake. Then you will find a place for each animal to sleep (Laundry Basket, etc...) After that, let your imagination run wild and let the pets be however they want to be, and let the owner make up what happens.

Different Dialogues to the Game:Edit

"The Robbing" The owner has to go on a trip. Then the rest of the pets stay home and then a robber comes and steals everything. For 1-10 year olds.

"The Doctor" On animal bites the other animal. The owner finds out that the animal that bit the others has rabies! Let your imagination run wild after that!

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